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Running with zsh 3.1.6 on Linux


running xmlblaster on zsh 3.1.6 with Linux shows some problems which I'm
running out of ideas right now. Probaly sombody else can help.

Running the Script .bashrc in the recommended way isn't working properly:

tnt: /home/goetzger $ echo $XMLBLASTER_HOME

tnt: /home/goetzger $ . $XMLBLASTER_HOME/.bashrc
/home/goetzger/work/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster/.bashrc:76: command not found:
echo -e
/home/goetzger/work/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster/.bashrc:77: command not found:
echo -e
/home/goetzger/work/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster/.bashrc:185: 1: parameter not

and further on, I nedded to replace the source-call by '.' (dot)
(This one, Marcel, I'd have told you anyway;-)

Since the USE_ANT is optional, I'm not setting it (Error in Line 185)
But the "echo -e"-Problem is somhow new to me. Is there is an suggestion,
please let me kbow, oterhwise I have to figure it out myself ....

Thanx and Best Regards

Heinrich Goetzger

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