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Re: Running with zsh 3.1.6 on Linux

Heinrich Götzger wrote:
> Hi
> running xmlblaster on zsh 3.1.6 with Linux shows some problems which I'm
> running out of ideas right now. Probaly sombody else can help.
> Running the Script .bashrc in the recommended way isn't working properly:
> tnt: /home/goetzger $ echo $XMLBLASTER_HOME
> /home/goetzger/work/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster
> tnt: /home/goetzger $ . $XMLBLASTER_HOME/.bashrc
> /home/goetzger/work/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster/.bashrc:76: command not found:
> echo -e
> /home/goetzger/work/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster/.bashrc:77: command not found:
> echo -e
> /home/goetzger/work/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster/.bashrc:185: 1: parameter not
> set

I have no idea about zsh, sorry, but i'm looking
forward for your .bashrc patches ...

> and further on, I nedded to replace the source-call by '.' (dot)
> (This one, Marcel, I'd have told you anyway;-)


> Since the USE_ANT is optional, I'm not setting it (Error in Line 185)
> But the "echo -e"-Problem is somhow new to me. Is there is an suggestion,
> please let me kbow, oterhwise I have to figure it out myself ....

If i remember right, the "echo -e" check was introduced since
some UNIXs don't know the -e option.


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de