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Re: documentation

Lu Wei wrote:
> Hi!Marcel Ruff,
> i want a tutorial to build a hello world client including the making steps( to see the utils usage).
> thank you very much!

Since the tutorial is not yet available i can only point you
to some working examples:


demonstrates a typical java client.

See ClientQuery.java as an example with only synchronous
access (no callback server).

If you are interested in the 'raw' Corba access
(for example to use it as a base for a Python client)
please look into


And finally{}, in the testsuite (xmlBlaster/testsuite/org/xmlBlaster)
you find example code snippets for everything else.

If you need examples how to compile, look into build.xml
or into the Makefiles (and read the INSTALL file)


> Regards!
> Lu Wei
> luwei at 126.com

Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de