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Re: Re: documentation

Hi!Marcel Ruff,

i want a tutorial to build a hello world client including the making steps( to see the utils usage).
thank you very much!


Lu Wei
luwei at 126.com

---=< on 01-1-5 20:03:00 you wrote >=---
>Dave Palmer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Just a quick question...
>> Was wondering if there is an ETA on the tutorial and user manual for
>> xmlBlaster? I check out the site about once a week, just to see if there is
>> any type of clue as to when we might expect these documentation additions.
>Currently there is nobody writing a tutorial (i believe so).
>> I realize the amount of work required. No pressure :)
>Thanks for your feedback, what do you miss most?
>What about a tutorial, showing how to set up a first
>hello world client?
>Should the tutorial be completly java based, using
>all the java client helper classes?
>Or should the tutorial be more 'raw', showing the
>xml strings which are sent and returned,
>allowing a Python/Perl/Tcl/C developer to understand
>and use it as well?
>> ./dave
>> "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"
>> -HST
>Marcel Ruff
>mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de