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Re: documentation

>         Actually, the tutorial is missed most. I have been
>         through the working examples, and have written a
>         simple "chat" client. But, there are a lot of concepts
>         that I just took for granted, not fully understanding
>         the full functionality or the ramifications of what
>         I was doing.
> >
> > What about a tutorial, showing how to set up a first
> > hello world client?
>         Yes, that would be nice. But, I like tutorial that isn't
>         afraid to get its hands dirty :)

I have the idea of a tutorial showing an air traffic control

Measurement devices like some 'wind gauges' (anemometer) and
visibility devices (and so forth) from each runway are
publishing their data to xmlBlaster.

Instant messages from air traffic controllers sitting in the tower
and alert messages (like 'runway closed because of ice')
are sent to xmlBlaster.

Air traffic controller software subscribes to those information
selectively and displays them nicely on their displays.
The pilot subscribes to some message types in his cockpit
before landing ...

All messages have an xml key with hierarchical organized meta
informations, so that the airport Tokyo could easily subscribe
to weather informations from New York :-)

The example can be extended to show almost all principles
behind MOM.

I would like to write the tutorial with xml-DocBook, so
pdf and html can be generated easy.

Well, only the time for this tutorial is missing for the
moment (i have to finish an EJB project first to feed
some hungry mouth at home).



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de