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RE: documentation

> Currently there is nobody writing a tutorial (i believe so).
> > 
> > I realize the amount of work required. No pressure :)
> Thanks for your feedback, what do you miss most?

	Your welcome :)
	Actually, the tutorial is missed most. I have been
	through the working examples, and have written a 
	simple "chat" client. But, there are a lot of concepts
	that I just took for granted, not fully understanding
	the full functionality or the ramifications of what
	I was doing.

> What about a tutorial, showing how to set up a first
> hello world client?

	Yes, that would be nice. But, I like tutorial that isn't
	afraid to get its hands dirty :)

> Should the tutorial be completly java based, using
> all the java client helper classes?

	Java is of course preferred, but as I am JAPH,
	perl would be nice :)

	Well, I must say thanks to all of your hard work!