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Re: WARN when server startup

Lu Wei wrote:
> Hi!Marcel Ruff,
> but how to setup?
> i've read the source of xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/protocol/corba/CorbaDriver.java(in 0.79a),why you commented the line from 124 to 149.i guess they are used to start up a name server from JacORB.

I have commented it out because it is not portable,
xmlBlaster wouldn't run with ORBaccus any more.

> if i can run one by JacORB's ns and make the xmlBlaster work with it?and how?

In the xmlBlaster/INSTALL file is a description how to start
the JacORB naming service, it follows here (cut and paste).
If you use CORBA heavily, please consult the JacORB documentation
to geet the deeper feeling for it. There are many helper tools
for CORBA in the original JacORB distribution which you can download
and use.

----- snippet from INSTALL file --------------------------------------
4. Variant using a naming service and a local web server to publish
   the name service IOR.

   Assuming the document root of your web server is

     ${XMLBLASTER_HOME}/bin/ns  /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/NS_Ref

   iorPort 0 switches the internal http server off:

     java org.xmlBlaster.MainGUI -iorPort 0

   This client looks into jacorb.properties to find the URL with the
naming service IOR.
   Edit ${HOME}/jacorb.properties accordingly e.g.

   or without http server:

   Start a client:

     java javaclients.ClientXml -iorPort 0

   If you have problems, check your web server:

     telnet localhost 80
     GET /NS_Ref HTTP/1.0

   you should receive the IOR string, if everything is setup properly
and the
   naming service is running.

so long,


> Thank you very much!
> Regards!
> Lu Wei
> luwei at 126.com
> ---=< on 01-1-8 13:28:00 you wrote >=---
> >> if i start up the xmlBlaster server directly by
> >> jaco org.xmlBlaster.Main or some params for IOR,it works,but always show two Warning messages.
> >> _________________
> >> Jan 8, 2001 5:04:10 PM WARN  CorbaDriver.NoNameService: Can't access naming serv
> >> ice, is there any running?
> >> Jan 8, 2001 5:04:10 PM WARN  CorbaDriver.NoNameService: Can't access naming serv
> >> ice: id=CorbaDriver.NoNameService reason=Can't access naming service, is there a
> >> ny running?
> >> _________________
> >> shall i start up the name server by ns firstly?
> >
> >It is just a warning, xmlBlaster and its clients run fine without.
> >
> >But if you use xmlBlaster in a distributed CORBA environment
> >with other software, you could use the naming server
> >to allow portable communication with the 'foreign' software.
> >XmlBlaster will automatically publish itself if there is
> >a naming service running.
> >
> >regards,
> >
> >Marcel

Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de