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Re: Newbie question: xmlblaster and javaspaces?

Hi Lee,

> Lee Bolding wrote:
> firstly, sorry for sending this to both lists, was unsure who would be
> best equipped to answer my query.
> I've only briefly looked at xmlBlaster so far, I'll start messing
> around with it more in the next few days.
> Maybe I'm missing the point of MOM altogether (It kinda cropped up
> whilst reading several Jini and Javapspaces books - again I'm not all
> too familiar with these technologies either!), but would it be
> possible (I assume using P2P) to have xmlBlaster acting as the xml
> aware front end for an app routing messages (which may or may not be
> filtered using XSLT) into a (or MANY, if using XSLT filters)
> javaspace(s)? An existing application utilising Javaspaces would then
> be able to take advantage of XML input with little or no recoding -
> for example, the loan application from the Wrox Java Server
> Programming book.

I don't know this example.

XmlBlaster does not know anything about the type of clients
it interacts with, wether it is javasapces or any other client.

What you need is a wrapper transforming incoming xml messages to
JavaSpaces interface calls, and transforming the return values
to xml messages again.

This wrapper could be a little xmlBlaster client or a native
driver directly attached to xmlBlaster (to avoid TCP/IP overhead).
See for example the native JDBC driver, which transformes xml messages
to JDBC requests and sends the ResultSet back as xml message.

You can avoid JavaSpaces as well, since moving around Java objects
and querying them is possible with pure xmlBlaster as well.

best regards,


> An ascii diagram below may explain better... (again, using the Wrox
> application as the example).
> xml loan request ---> xmlBlaster ---> CreditSpace
> --->CreditCheckerNode
>                                                ---> VerifySpace
> --->NameVerifierNode
> Hope that made sense, if anybody could clarify that for me would be
> much appreciated.

Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de