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Concurrent sending

Hi, first I have to say that I like xmlBlaster a lot (and REALLY look
forward to the time when it will be possible to key on the message
content to).

Today I have another question: How should one handle concurrency (and
perhaps pooling) with xmlblaster?

What I am after is this. Say I have a one-to-many situation. I have one
publisher that will publish a lot of messages to the server; many enough
that a single connection will be saturated. This publisher is the same
"client" all the time.

What I have experienced is that if I log in with a credential (user,pwd)
and the creates one more connection with the same credentials, the first
connection will be dropped. 

So how do I do this?

Another scenario. I use XmlBlaster in JBoss, and are contemplating
integrating it closer into JBoss and perhaps write a J2EE Connector
provider adapter. The normal way to go in a J2EE application is that you
set up one set of credentials for a bean (say a message-driven bean, or
a stateless bean). This is then used in conjunction with a connection
pool of some sort, that will upphold many connections with the same

Or is this not possible with xmlblaster? Would I have to have handlers
to the client that is serialized over one login, on one connection?

Any help here would be realy good (and may eventually lead to that JBoss
will get MessageDriven beans with built in xmlBlaster support, since I
was the one implementing Message Driven Beans in JBoss ;.))

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