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Re: Newbie problems

Stefan Nickisch wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm evaluating xmlBlaster for a new project.
> I've build a simple test program (one publisher and several subscriber).
> I found some problems:
> - After subscribing the last ever published message will be recognized again
> by the
>   subscriber. (I'm using the I_Callback funtionality)
>   Is there any way to avoid this?

No. We could add a qos element to supress the initial callback
in a next release.

> - If a subscriber crashes without logout, this will disturb all other
> subscribers.
>   no more communication is possible until the crashed subscriber will log on
> again.
>   Is there any way to avoid this?

Ahhh, this is a bug, the testsuite did not cover it.
I have added this testcase to the testsuite and fixed
the bug.
It is available with cvs (see our homepage for instructions).

> - Sometimes I found that the message sequence when receiving messages is not
> correct.
>   Is there any way to guarantee that messages will come in order?

Not currently. As we use a 'thread per client request'
server philosophy it is possible that one thread overtakes another one.

This issue is addressed in the change request of our callback
requirement (the future callback queue manager):




Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de