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XmlBlaster J2EE connector

just wanted to say - given not one but two weeks - that I have a working
resource adapter for XmlBlaster now. I deploys fine in Jboss and seems
to handle the concurrency fine (I have only tested it two times since it
started working ;-).

I have it in my own package and build hierarchy (I'am using a home grown
make solution I build before ant hit the streets, and it integrates so
well with emacs and jde that its hard for me to live without it ;-).

Question is now: do you still want to integrate it into xmlBlaster. This
is the jar files that must be there:

ejb2.0.jar  jacorb.jar  jta-spec1_0_1.jar  xmlBlaster.jar
connector.jar  jaas.jar    jms.jar     parser.jar

Some of them are from XmlBlaster already to make my tests work, ejb2.0
is for a testbean. The other stuff for compilation.

For the package hierarchy. My plan is to write an MBean for XmlBlaster
so that I can start it as an integrated service in  JBoss. This will
probably work for other JMX servers to. I also plan to implement Message
Driven Beans for XmlBlaster. As far as I can see it now this will be
tightly coupled to JBoss, but need not be a part of JBoss (Its basically
a BlasterContainerInvoker and some support stuff).

type: org.xmlBlaster.j2ee
org.xmlBlaster.j2ee.ra (or k2)

And don't know the licensing status on the j2ee name though.

These stuff will not be done overnight though ;-)

By the way. Is there any way round the singleton/static Property
handling for configuration? It might become an obstacle if you have an
XmlBlaster server running in the same VM as you have an XmlBlaster
reasource adapter that you wants to communicate with another server
outside the VM.

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