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AW: XmlBlaster J2EE connector

Hi folks,

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> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2001 22:36
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> Betreff: XmlBlaster J2EE connector
> Hi,
> just wanted to say - given not one but two weeks - that I have a working
> resource adapter for XmlBlaster now. I deploys fine in Jboss and seems
> to handle the concurrency fine (I have only tested it two times since it
> started working ;-).
What does this mean? 'resource adapter' or '...it deploys fine...'?
We didn't use this terms in xmlBlaster before, so I have problems
to understand them.

> I have it in my own package and build hierarchy (I'am using a home grown
> make solution I build before ant hit the streets, and it integrates so
> well with emacs and jde that its hard for me to live without it ;-).
> Question is now: do you still want to integrate it into xmlBlaster.
Yes, that will be fine.

> This
> is the jar files that must be there:
> ejb2.0.jar  jacorb.jar  jta-spec1_0_1.jar  xmlBlaster.jar
> connector.jar  jaas.jar    jms.jar     parser.jar
Can you eyplain the meaning of the different jar's.
> Some of them are from XmlBlaster already to make my tests work, ejb2.0
> is for a testbean. The other stuff for compilation.
> For the package hierarchy. My plan is to write an MBean for XmlBlaster
> so that I can start it as an integrated service in  JBoss. This will
> probably work for other JMX servers to. I also plan to implement Message
> Driven Beans for XmlBlaster. As far as I can see it now this will be
> tightly coupled to JBoss, but need not be a part of JBoss (Its basically
> a BlasterContainerInvoker and some support stuff).
> type: org.xmlBlaster.j2ee
> org.xmlBlaster.j2ee.ra (or k2)
> org.xmlBlaster.j2ee.jmx
> org.xmlBlaster.j2ee.jboss.mdb
> And don't know the licensing status on the j2ee name though.
> These stuff will not be done overnight though ;-)
> By the way. Is there any way round the singleton/static Property
> handling for configuration?
As I know you can instantiate more than one Property objects.
If you want to use an other configration for the resource adapter,
just instantiate a new local Property object, with another property

It might become an obstacle if you have an
> XmlBlaster server running in the same VM as you have an XmlBlaster
> reasource adapter that you wants to communicate with another server
> outside the VM.

By the way. Great work, Peter.


> //Peter
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