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ANN: XmlBlasterK2

I have now added the new J2EE Connector resource adapter for XmlBlaster
into the cvs tree.

The main code is under src/java/org/xmlBlaster/j2ee/k2

And there is some demo in demo/javaclients/j2ee/k2

There is also two new targets in the build: k2 and jms-adapter.

The J2EE Connector resource adapter will be produced in
lib/xmlBlasterK2.rar and the demo bean in lib/JmsAdapter.jar

Ok. I have seen the discussions on the list (I am not a member so I did
not see it until now). What is a Connector resource adapter?

The J2EE Connector is a specification of a way to integrate connectors
to other datastorage than relational databases. It specifyes a contract
beween an application server vendor and a storage vendor. The storage
vendor provide a resource adapter that conforms to the Connector API and
the application server vendor provides an implemention of the server API
to support lifecykel management, pooling, security, transactions and so

One nice thing about Connectors (compared to different non standard
solutions) is that deployment (puting it into the application server
runtime) and the API to get access to it from within a J2EE environment
is standardized.

For MOM stuff the connector API is interesting from two perspective:

1. It is for *publishing* only (not subscribing)
2. You get access to it in your bean the same way you get access to a
   JDBS database connection.

The XmlBlasterK2.rar now works with JBoss (deploys fine in JBoss), but
should work with any application server supporting J2EE Connector. This
mean that in these environments, getting access to XmlBlaster will be an
easy task.

If you need to subscribe to XmlBlaster from within a J2EE runtime? This
is not possible today, since EJB do not allow asynchronous handling.
This is what Message Driven Beans are for. The may *recive* asynchronous

My plan is to implement support for XmlBlaster based Message Driven
Beans in JBoss (I have already done that for JMS). By this I mean: I
will implement an MDB container that may subscribe to XmlBlaster and
invoke beans with a XmlBlaster message. The beans them self will
theoretically be able to use another application server, but the
container (where the meat is) will be tightly coupled to JBoss.

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