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Status of http callback

what is the status of the SystemInfo and http callback demo. I have
deployed the war-file (after some editing). Logging in seems to work,
but the callback does not work:

2001-feb-16 14:25:15 INFO  CorbaCallbackServer-martin: Success, created CORBA ca
llback server for martin
2001-feb-16 14:25:15 INFO  CorbaConnection-martin: Accessing xmlBlaster AuthServ
er IOR using builtin http connection, host and port 7609
2001-feb-16 14:25:15 INFO  BlasterHttpProxyServlet-
fZPZfmgNboWs: Waiting forever, permanent HTTP connection from localhost/127.0.0.
1, loginName=martin sessionId=GdVxsmb4SxdPfZPZfmgNboWs', protocol='HTTP/1.0', ag
ent='Mozilla/4.7 [en] (X11; I; Linux 2.2.12-20smp i686)', referer='http://localh
2001-feb-16 14:25:55 WARN  HttpPingThread- Browser seems to have disappeared, no response for my ping=4, missing 3 responses. Closing connection.
2001-feb-16 14:25:55 INFO  HttpPushHandler- Closed push connection to browser
2001-feb-16 14:25:55 INFO  CorbaCallbackServer-martin: The callback server is shutdown.
2001-feb-16 14:25:55 INFO  ProxyConnection-martin: Corba connection for 'martin' for browser with sessionId=GdVxsmb4SxdPfZPZfmgNboWs removed
2001-feb-16 14:25:55 INFO  ProxyConnection-martin: Browser connection with sessionId=GdVxsmb4SxdPfZPZfmgNboWs removed
Exception found location=BlasterHttpProxyServlet.java:236
2001-feb-16 14:25:55 ERROR BlasterHttpProxyServlet.java:236-BlasterHttpProxyServlet- Caught XmlBlaster Exception for actionType 'pong': Session not registered yet (sessionId=GdVxsmb4SxdPfZPZfmgNboWs)
Exception found location=SystemInfo.java:114

Should I expect it to work?


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