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xmlBlaster advice/help -- C++

Forgive me for being such a newbie, I know I've asked a bunch of questions
the past few days...  =)

I've done most of my programming in Java, but now I have to write some C++
code.  I was wondering if you had any source code for demos comparable to
the Java code given with the xmlBlaster download.  I think they'd help me
figure out what I need to do.  If you'd like to offer help/advice, by all
means, keep reading. =)

Here's a brief overview of my problem, err...,  project.  =)

I'm working on a Windows 2000 machine, and plan to use Visual C++ to create
some COM object .DLLs that other programs can use to send and receive
messages with xmlBlaster.

Using Java, I have written a server program which will receive certain types
of messages that require processing from several different clients running
on the network somewhere.  Right now, the client programs (named TestClient)
are just simple Java AWT programs which have a simple "username" textfield,
a login button, a message text area, and a send button.  When I finish, the
clients will actually be extensions to some MS Office applications, hence
the need for using C++.  I need to create some sort of DLL that these
extensions will link to be able to do everything that the Java
XmlBlasterConnection class (and then some...) can do.

Because the clients always publish and subscribe to the same key (differing
only by login name), I wrote a simple driver object that extends
XmlBlasterConnection which will establish the corba connection, log in to
the xmlblaster server, subscribe to the needed keys, and publish all
messages to a specified key.  In Java, all I have to do is within my
TestClient class code is write

"ClientXmlBlasterDriver theDriver = new ClientXmlBlasterDriver(username,

and that basically takes care of everything...  I don't think it will be so
simple in C++.

I appreciate any and all responses, and any source code or pointers to
documentation would be a great help.

Best regards,

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