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Re: Request for new feature

On Sat, 24 Feb 2001, Marcel Ruff wrote:

> Could you please explain, is the following statement correct:
> All messages are backlogged when published, and
> each subscriber can set the number of backlog messages
> he wishes to receive when he subcribes?

Yes.  There's also default set by the publisher, and a user can subscribe
with a request for less than, but not more than, the default number of
messages.  The thinking is that a publisher can control whether newcomers
can see older messages.  Of course, you could come up with more flexible
rules (at the cost of more complexity), or even some form of negotiation,
but that's the extent of OpenQueue's approach.

> I just tried it but with Linux/netscape 4.75 i got this error in the
> Java console:
> error in paint()...
> java.lang.NullPointerException: trying to get field at offset 0

The applet is written for Java AWT 1.0, and should run in most browsers.
Sorry, I don't know offhand why it fails in Linux/Netscape 4/75.

-Matt Jensen