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Re: exchanging data from Linux/Perl to a AS/400

> I'm reading info about xmlBlaster to find a nice solution for exchanging datas beetwen a
> website running under Linux and living with Perl. I need a two ways communication with a
> AS400 for exchanging datas.
> I don't know about how AS400 is running, so I try to find a nice solution that the AS400's
> programmers could implementing easilly.

I believe AS400 has a JDK 1.2, so you can run any Java
client to access xmlBlaster.
Any other language on AS400 which supports RMI or
CORBA or XmlRpc should work fine.

On Linux with Perl and xmlBlaster see


how to setup perl clients to access xmlBlaster
with XmlRpc



how to setup perl clients to access xmlBlaster
with CORBA.

Note that we have no multithreaded Perl client
demo available, which you need to use callbacks
with Perl (see hints in the above README
how this could look like).
> Am I one the right place ?

A difficult question :-)

best regards,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de