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Re: xmlblaster & queues

Ken Savich wrote:
> We're involved in a project where we are using the SonicMQ broker and JMS
> for all of our messaging. We've built our own xml structures to interact
> with the queues provided by JMS/SonicMQ. In looking at xmlblaster, I'm
> kind of wondering how this same sort of thing could be implemented. If I
> understand correctly, the clients create the queues on the fly and wait
> for a callback?

Yes, but we have currently no history on a 'queue'.
Usually you would have xml meta informations
in the key which specifies one (or many) topics and
you query this topic with XPath.
(The key oid='' is ignored in this case).

> I guess I'm wondering, how could you implement some sort
> of queue mechanism with xml-rpc or xmlblaster that would be synonymous
> with the way something like SonicMQ does it.

See http://www.xmlblaster.org/mail-archive/msg00314.html et.al.
for a discussion related to JMS, and use our sreach engine
with this topic.

best regards,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de