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Re: xmlblaster & queues

Ken Savich wrote:
> Thanks for replying Macel. Upon further investigation, however, I see that
> if you set the ForceQueuing flag in the qos you essentially have the same
> thing.

Not quite, <ForceQueuing> only queues messages which
can't be delivered to offline clients.
As soon as the client logs in, these messages are flushed
to the client.

> The only thing missing here is persistance, which could be added
> via the I_Persistence driver to a database.

The current persistence driver overwrites subsequent
messages with the same oid (e.g. <key oid='xy'>)
assuming the newer content outdates the previous one.

These things are possibly changing in a future release,
section 'Change Request'

best regards,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de