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AW: Am I need MOM ?

Hi Cyrille,

I do not know much about Cobol or RPG, but if you find an ORB (Object
Request Broker)
for Cobol on as400, you are able to use der CORBA connector of xmlBlaster.
The other System 'Linux' is no problem.
Because there are nor Client helper classes for xml messages for Cobol in
you have to handle the xml parsing on your own. This might be difficult. You
find an xml parser for Cobol.
The easiest way might be to install an JDK on your as400. In this case you
can use the
client helper.


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> Betreff: Am I need MOM ?
> Hi all,
> I need to exchange data in two ways between a ibm as400 and a linux
> webserver.
> on the AS400, langages are RPG & Cobol, data are in flatfile like
> database.
> on Linux, langage is Perl & Shell, data are in Mysql database.
> To be more interoperable, I'm thinking to use a MOM to manage exchange
> between this two system.
> Secondly, I think xmlBlaster is more appropriate because of its
> differents connectors (rmi,corba,xml-rpc), unless Joram use only Java.
> Is it the right solution ? Am I on the right way ?
> I think yes, but they are so lot articles now days about Middleware,
> that i'm a little bit loosed ;o)
> Thanks for your submition !
> Cyrille