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Re: AW: Am I need MOM ?

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Konrad Krafft wrote:

>Hi Cyrille,
>I do not know much about Cobol or RPG, but if you find an ORB (Object
>Request Broker)
>for Cobol on as400, you are able to use der CORBA connector of xmlBlaster.
>The other System 'Linux' is no problem.
>Because there are nor Client helper classes for xml messages for Cobol in
>you have to handle the xml parsing on your own. This might be difficult. You
>find an xml parser for Cobol.


>The easiest way might be to install an JDK on your as400. In this case you
>can use the
>client helper.
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>> Betreff: Am I need MOM ?
>> Hi all,
>> I need to exchange data in two ways between a ibm as400 and a linux
>> webserver.
>> on the AS400, langages are RPG & Cobol, data are in flatfile like
>> database.
>> on Linux, langage is Perl & Shell, data are in Mysql database.
>> To be more interoperable, I'm thinking to use a MOM to manage exchange
>> between this two system.
>> Secondly, I think xmlBlaster is more appropriate because of its
>> differents connectors (rmi,corba,xml-rpc), unless Joram use only Java.
>> Is it the right solution ? Am I on the right way ?
>> I think yes, but they are so lot articles now days about Middleware,
>> that i'm a little bit loosed ;o)
>> Thanks for your submition !
>> Cyrille