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Re: SOAP client

--- Marcel Ruff <ruff at swand.lake.de> wrote:
> Dirk Hamstra wrote:
> > 
> > I'll start by taking a look at the XML-RPC stuff
> to
> > begin with - the move to SOAP shouldn't be that
> > difficult.
> I don't think so.
So you're saying it *is* difficult? Nah :)

> Hmm, xmlBlaster does not transform remote method
> invocations, it delivers messages.
> For example the method publish() can be
> invoked from a CORBA or RMI or XML-RPC
> client, to deliver a message.

Right so the idea is that when I receive a message I
put that in a format that reflects my method
invocation. This is fine for my purposes in the short
term: I know who my clients are and what operations
they can invoke. Longer term I plan to use a
repository IR/UDDI that provides some type of dynamic
translation of messages into method invocations -
souped up DSI.


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