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question to perl user

Hi all,

I try to use xmlBlaster with a Perl client.
It's works fine, but not easy ...

If I do :

my $message = $server->call('xmlBlaster.get', $sessionId, "<key
oid='__sys__TotalMem' queryType='EXACT'></key>", "<qos></qos>" );

the result in $message is array_ref within array_ref like :

$VAR1 = [
            '<key oid=\'__sys__TotalMem\' contentMime=\'text/plain\'>
            bless( do{\(my $o = 'MjA5NzE0NA==')},
'Frontier::RPC2::Base64' ),

So , to get the result value for __sys__TotalMem, I've to do :

my $t1= $message->[0];
my $r1 = $t1->[1];
my $value = $r1->value() ;
then decode_base64 ...

Is there a method, sub or package to access the value without
derefferencing all array_ref ??
A quicker way ?

Thanks by advance,