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Re: help

Hi Gianluca,

SOAP isn't implemented yet, because nobody did it yet ;-)
But as far as I know, people working on it. Join the Mailinglist to
contribute and learn how far they got now.

You can join the Mailinlist on our web-site as well as read the recent
postings about the state of SOAP development. Use our search-interface to
find more info about xmlblaster.

On Sat, 23 Jun 2001 gluca.ricciardi at vizzavi.it wrote:

>Hi, my name is Gianluca and i'm undergraduate of univesity of bari
>(italy) and i want to know why Soap is not implemented in XMLBLASTER. I
>want to use xmlblaster in my system that use SOAP, which are the
>problems if i use xmlblaster in my system. Why for you, Corba that use
>IOOP can't to be used in a system tha use SOAP ?
> Gianluca Ricciardi

Best regards