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cvs web errors


-->  Internal Server Error

This happens when trying to retrieve the complete file
(not just diffs) for all files (that I have tried) in:

Other dirs  do not seem to exibit this error:
bin, config, demo, doc, lib, testsuite, ...

To me this smells like a CGI-related bug in the version
of cvsweb (1.0) that you are using
(Since 'space' can be url-encoded as either '%20' or '+')

You might want to see if the current version of cvsweb
(1.110) fixes this.
It certainly adds more functionality (coloured side-by-
side diffs, etc)

This is not a show-stopper issue, since there is
anonymous cvs access, but some of us using xmlBlaster
in our own projects are unfamilliar with the vagaries
of CVS.  For us cvsweb is usually enough to find out
what we need.

All the best,
   Douglas D. Dickinson   =^..^=   ddd at taralnetworks.com