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Re: xmlBlaster Help needed

Murali Ravipati wrote:

>   Hi everybody,                   I need some help.  I'm just started using the
> xmlBlaster. I'm running the client and server from the same computer.1.   Do I need to
> load the xmlBlaster on the client side also In case if i try from other i.e      if  i
> server and clients are from two  different computers.2.   Can u give some examples how I
> can send the files to all subscibers in both PtP     and  pub/sub cases      I'll
> appricate your helpThanks,Murali Ravipati

Try :
    java -jar /usr/local/xmlBlaster/lib/xmlBlaster.jar -help
U could read about option, like host and port for connecting between differents computers.

example option for corba : -iorHost myserver.net

code like in demo/javaclients/ClientSub.java :
public ClientSub(String args[]) {
XmlBlasterConnection blasterConnection = new XmlBlasterConnection(args);

XmlBlasterConnection will use 'args' to well connect.


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