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ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 0.79c


the new release 0.79c is out.

Included is the new security plugin
framework by Wolfgang Kleinertz!

Important note: ---------------

- Remove your old xmlBlaster.properties, jacorb.properties
  and orb.properties files.
  Use the new files from directory xmlBlaster/config
  if wanted.

- Backward compatibility:
  * Clients accessing xmlBlaster directly (C++,Python,Perl)
    will run with old xmlBlaster servers.
  * Clients using the Java helper classes will only connect
    to the new xmlBlaster 0.79c, since these classes
    use the new security plugin.

New features: -------------

 - Changed <noPtP/> to <ptp>false</ptp>

 - Ported to JacORB 1.3.30
   NOTE: You need to copy the new
     If you use orb.properties, please install the new

 - Extended Java client helper class XmlBlasterConnection
   to allow dispatching callback messages.
   Every subcription may specify its dedicated callback handle.
   See xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients/ClientSubDispatch.java as
   an example.

 - Added Authentication and Authorization framework by Wolfgang

   The xmlBlaster.idl has changed, new methods connect() and
   disconnect() as counterpart to login() and logout()

   Please copy the modified config/xmlBlaster.properties.template
   to $HOME/xmlBlaster.properties

   In xmlBlaster.properties uncomment the line
   and start for example "java javaclients.ClientSub" to see xmlBlaster
   with GUI based manual authentication/authorization.

   To study raw CORBA access with the new security plugin see

 - Changed XML-RPC 'void' method return values to return
   an 'empty string', since 'void' is not supported in the
   XML-RPC spec.
   Bug reported by Cyrille Giquello <cyrille at ktaland.com>

 - Added qos support for get() responses, for example:

 - Fixed C++ testclients in xmlBlaster/testsuite/c++

 - It is now possible to query the current logged in users
   by "__sys__UserList"
   Feature added by "Gilles Lavaux" <gilles.lavaux at esrin.esa.it>

KNOWN BUGS: ----------- * The "simple" security plugin is needed for the JDBC driver to login. This will be changed in a future release.



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de