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Re: Messaging


Well, since I don't know OpenQueue, it's hard to say if it is better then
xmlBlaster runs on every Plattform, which has a Virtual Mashine for Java
1.3 running.
xmlBlaster seems to be stable and, of course, it is light and 'slim'.
It provides a varius nuber of interfaces for different Programming
Languages as C, C++, Perl, Java, Python, ...
For detaild information have a look at

>Hi all,
>I am searching for a Open Source implementation of publish/subscribe
>messaging system.  There are 2 choices right now: xmlBlaster or OpenQueue.
>I have used Tibco Rendezvous before and I am looking for similar
>functionalities in Open Source projects.  Seems like OpenQueue is a better
>fit, but I have difficulties get it up running in Win2k.  If any of you have
>experience on getting OpenQueue running, please let me know.  Yes, I did
>send an email to the owner of OpenQueue project, but didn't get reply back.
>I need some tips on which product is more stable and lighter.  Or there are
>other better projects.
>thanks in advance.


Heinrich Götzger