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why cloning messageUnit ?


a perhaps stupide question, but I really ask me it ...

Why there Cloning messageUnit before sending message ?

For exemple in :

in engine.ClientInfo.java.notifyAboutLogin()

           MessageUnitWrapper msgUnitWrapper = messageQueue.pull();
            if (msgUnitWrapper == null)
            MessageUnit msg = msgUnitWrapper.getMessageUnitClone();
            msg.qos = getUpdateQoS((String)null, msgUnitWrapper,
iMessage, numMessages);
            if (Log.TRACE) Log.trace(ME, "Flushing message #" + iMessage
+ ": " + msg.qos);
            MessageUnit[] arr = new MessageUnit[1];
            arr[0] = msg;
            // TODO: emails can also be sent to the logged off client!
            cbInfo.sendUpdate(this, msgUnitWrapper,arr);

If we're pulling the message from the queue, it is no more in the queue,
so why cloning it before sending ?

I needing to understand some background because I've planning to
"trying" to hack xmlBlaster and add a behavior : when PTP persistents
messages are sending to client, erasing them from file-system if they
were sending to the destination.