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Re: Problem in running demo.

rahul bhandary wrote:

Hi Gotzger,

We have downloaded your product xmlBlaster, we are at
present evalvating ur product...

we have successfully worked up on publish/subscribe
concet. In the example
ClientSub.java(xmlblaster/demo/javaclients) is working
fine. But when we change the code at line no 145 by
removing the coment from the line
// blasterConnection.getOrb().run(); // Usually your
client won't exit after this, uncomment the run()
we are getting errors while compiling... saying cannot
resolve the symbol
method .getOrb() not found..

Yes this is not possible any more, since the Java client class hides the protocol below. So we don't know about CORBA or orbs here (we can use XML-RPC or RMI as well without changing the client code).

Try this:

   while (true) {
     try { Thread.currentThread().sleep(100000000L);
     } catch(InterruptedException e) { }

Note that you don't need to use the Java client helper
classes, you can implement your own corba access code.
There you have access to the orb.



we are intrested in knowing how to keep the client side running... and waiting for the responce... from the server..

thanks in advance


Rahul B.

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