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Re: problem Authenticate with Perl/Xml-Rpc

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Hi all,

After made some xmlBlaster's client in Java & Corba,
I try to make one in Perl & Xml-Rpc.

But I can't logging with another security plugin than the Simple one.

For the same login's call, xmlBlaster trace 2 times a call to getClientPlugin().
First time with the good plugin type, a second time with the Simple plugin type.

Trace one is :
CALL  SecurityPluginLoader.getClientPlugin] type=htpasswd version=1.0
Second trace is :
CALL  SecurityPluginLoader.getClientPlugin] type=null version=null

Is it a normal behavior, or a indice for my problem ?


I have fixed this (available in cvs).

Now you can use the old login() method with security QoS as well.

If you do so, the passed loginName and passwd (as arguments)
are ignored and the loginName/password delivered with the QoS
are used.

So you should be able to do simple Perl coding with xmlBlaster
without the need of xml parsing.
The login() returns the plain session ID -
and you have the freedom to specify any security plugin in the QoS.

The double SAX parsing was a performance killer as well,

i have removed it.

I hope it helps,


PS: The isDurable PtP bug is still pending. What is your deadline? I haven't fixed this yet since i need to do some redesign in this area for other reasons as well.

Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de