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Re: [xmlblaster] integration of Xindice in xmlBlaster

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Marcel Ruff wrote:

>Heinrich Götzger wrote:
>>I just commited the first alpha release of an integration of Xindice
>>(dbXML) as an implementation of a persistence layer
>Cool thing!
did it work on your place?

>You went to bed late (1:03) ...
Well .... good thing needs its time, could have been worse.

>There is a little problem:
>   build.sh all
>does not compile because of missing dbxml jars.
ahh, I thoght, this is caused by my development environment.

>Probably you should add them to our lib/dbxml directory.

I'll do that till midweek.

>So everybody can start easily using dbxml,
>and xmlBlaster will compile.
>Adding testcases is very important IMHO,
>our regression tests are the only way to know if
>xmlBlaster runs stable since different developers
>are coding on it.
Basicly you're right, but as mentioned above, I went late, the testcase is
almost done, it needs some more beautifying and final testing. It will be
comitted this week.