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Re: [xmlblaster] integration of Xindice in xmlBlaster

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Marcel Ruff wrote:

>Heinrich Götzger wrote:
>>I just commited the first alpha release of an integration of Xindice
>>(dbXML) as an implementation of a persistence layer
>Cool thing!
>There is a little problem:
>   build.sh all
>does not compile because of missing dbxml jars.
>Probably you should add them to our lib/dbxml directory.

I added it to the lib/Xindice directory, so please do a
cvs -z9 upd -P -d
and wait a while....

To have it right handy in the $CLASSPATH, it's been added to .bashrc as
well as to build.sh and build.bat.

Could anyone test this on windows please? I'm in a lack of MS Computers.

>This makes sense, since this version is known to run.
>So everybody can start easily using dbxml,
>and xmlBlaster will compile.

As soon as the jar-item is fixed in make ;-)

>Adding testcases is very important IMHO,
>our regression tests are the only way to know if
>xmlBlaster runs stable since different developers
>are coding on it.

The Testcase (TestPersistenceXindice.java) is mostly developed and ready
to be commited but it rejects to run because of the two ORBs.

Now I'm getting into the real issue of the two-ORB-Problem: This test
won't run satisfying because the two ORB's disturbing each other as others
because of their experience recognized already. Still a lot to learn ;-)

How can we proceed?

1. Integrate a different ORB
   -> not the best idea

2. Try to get an own classloader
   Any ideas?

3. Connect to dbXML via XML-Objects or XML-RPC (bypassing CORBA)
   does dbXML run without any orb?

4. use another db i.e. eXist
   is less developed than dbXML

Several issues came up, while developing dbXMLProxy:

1. How to handle BLOB or other binary data?
   No anwser from xindice-list up to now.
   -> does it make sense using dbXML at all?

2. Starting dbXML from within the proxy would be a good issue to bring
   comfort and safety.
   Lots of questions rise around this point:
   - How's logging working?
   - Exception and error handling around the dbXML-Server is neccessary.
   - We need to create the persistence collection, but only once!
   - Is it thread safe, or is it possible to run more than one instance
     of dbXML on one computer?

3. The RequestBroker needs a closing method, this is neccessary to have a
   point to shutdown the dbXML or at least close the collection correct.