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Re: [xmlblaster] Problem compiling C++ test suite with Visual C++

Robert Matania wrote:

Trying to compile the TestLogin.cpp client with Visual C++ 6.0 but I get
the following compile errors:

Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\INCLUDE\ios.h(146) : error C2872: ='streambuf'
: ambiguous symbol

This error is displayed over a hundred times for other symbols in ios.h,
streamb.h, istream.h, ostream.h.....

Hi Robert,

this is difficult to answer for me, you will have to wade through some
hard experience :-)

Do you use the build.bat or have you created your own Visual C++ project?

I know that Holger has tried this before,
if i remember right he used these settings:

  - Use only multi threaded dll !!

  - Use the xerces XML parser, as our client code will probably
     not compile with the MS xml library.

  - Use mico CORBA library

  - Use the stlport STL library, the MS STL seems to make
    some problems.

The result is an xmlBlaster dll, which than is linked to the sample
C++ clients.

Please keep us informed, patches are very welcome!

don't give up,