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Re: [xmlblaster] Questions

Rene Maldonado wrote:
Hi All, (again)

Well, Thanks Marcel Ruff, I get the picture, now, I have some questions:

1.- When my client connect to XML Blaster, throught JacORB,  wht do I get, a
mean, Do I get an Object, or just a message with the result?

You get a message. This may contain anything. See other mail from today. The best is you try it, start the server and the demo client as described in INSTALL and set the log level high: - trace true -dump true

and study the requirements (the link 'reference handbook')

2.- If there are more than one server subscived, and my client sent a message, is the message sent to all the servers? or is there a round robin, or what?

Pub/Sub messages are just sent to xmlBlaster. Every server which has subscribed to this message will receive it. See:


With PtP, only the listed receiver will receive it. See:


3.- In the architecture all the clients have xml, tah means thah all client needs to "talk" xml?

See above. It is good if a receiver of a message can look into the XML 'key' or 'qos'. If the receiver doesn't do it it is his decision - why not? The receiver is usually mainly interested on the 'content'.



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