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[xmlblaster] xmlBlaster roadmap

But this comes with the merge of the cvs branch.

> Cyrille:
?? I don't understatnd difference between 'main cvs' and 'merge' ???

Sorry, cvs is in my tool box since years, somtimes i forget that there might be a world which does not know every cvs jargon.

The situation is as follows:

--0.79c---mainbranch---0.79d--+-------- | +-CALLBACK_FRAMEWORK---

The basic development is on the main branch.

To redesign the queue and callback framework, as well
the session handling and lease framework i have opened
a cvs branch called 'CALLBACK_FRAMEWORK'.

There i'm at present coding all nasty things coming
into my mind.

As soon as it runs stable it is merged back to the
main branch.
I really hope to schedule this to March 10 th.
But who really knows ...

Heinrich is opening another branch as well for his classloader
approach (to get the testsuite runnable with his native
xml DB integration).

If everything is collected together we have the new
and unbelievable version 0.79e

regards, Marcel

Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de