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Re: [xmlblaster] New xmlBlaster session handling

Cyrille Giquello wrote:
Marcel Ruff a écrit :

Konrad an myself are proposing the following specification:
It describes the new session based login framework.
Comments are welcome.

Hi marcel & konrad.

has my humble opinion, this is a very nice requirement.

I like da deadLetter very much, it's so nice.

but I don't understand the 'compress' option, because xmlBlaster messages should be very small, so what's tha need of compression ?

The message size is depending on the problem domain. Some people may at one day send a message of one megabyte size. In burst mode we may collect in say 500 millis about 600 messages and send them in one bulk. Compression may enhance throughput, especially when not CPU is the limit but for example a 9600 baud line.


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