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Re: [xmlblaster] New xmlBlaster session handling


the spec. sais:
" XmlBlaster allows to check clients with a ping to the callback server.
The ping frequency is adjustable at login time by the client itself. A
client session disappears when it does a logout or on failure (no response
to the ping) or on session-timeout or when killOldSessions=true is set."

I'm courius about this, please allow me two questions:
Do you have any examples on how this ping-stuff is to be realised in Qos?
How many pakets (if at all) may be lost, unless the client will be

One may not have a high performance netconnection but for example using
some radio-net or even letter-doves ;-). If one ping-frame drops out it
should not force the connection to shut down.
So I could imagine closing this client after 5 lost pings in a row for
example. Whereas a successful ping could reset this counter to 0.

Have fun



Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Marcel Ruff wrote:

>Konrad an myself are proposing the following specification:
>It describes the new session based login framework.
>Comments are welcome.
>Development is under way.
>best regards,
>Marcel Ruff
>mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de