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Re: [xmlblaster] Clustering XmlBlaster Servers ?

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Hugues Jerome wrote:

>Heinrich Götzger (goetzger at gmx.net):
>> what's your goal?
>write a survey on mom architecture for a student work :)
Hey, that sounds interesting! I'm corious about your results.

>I will introduce XmlBlaster for its client side aspect (multiple protocol,
>call back mechanism ) and I was wondering what XmlBlaster could provide in
>a server to server communication

If you connect multiple server-proccesses to this mom (i.e. xmlBlaster)
they could exchange messages using the mom philosophies like
publish/subscribe or probably better point-to-point.

>From this point of view xmlBlaster might be a very good provider for a
smart interserver communication.
A benefit of this set up would be that you could use the same technology
providing your clients with all data they want. All connected to the same
I would propose using xmlBlaster as an as a mom between
your client- and your server-proccess(s).

This however is already possible and no development on xmlBlaster-side
would be neccessary.

>> There have been some discussions about a master-slave/clustering set up,
>> but unfortunately not on the list.
>> There are issues like consistence of data on multiple xmlBlaster or
>> bootstrapping or communication between two xmlBlaster.
>do you have any pointer or archive ? on the xmlblaster devel list perhaps ?
well, we sat with a coffee and lot's of drawings......
Hmm, they might be somwhere in some archive, hopefully.

But after all I'm not sure, if we talk about the same.
Since it is a difference using multiple server on one xmlBlaster and using
multiple xmlBlaster.
xmlBlaster is not a server in the classical sense but it provides the
possibility to exchange messages between proccesses.

>I understand there are a lot of issue not simple to solve,
>but they are to be solved to be scalable ...
well, you're very right

Hope it helps