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Re: [xmlblaster] Clustering XmlBlaster Servers ?

Heinrich Götzger (goetzger at gmx.net):

> >Heinrich Götzger (goetzger at gmx.net):
> >
> >> what's your goal?
> >
> >write a survey on mom architecture for a student work :)
> Hey, that sounds interesting! I'm corious about your results.

a part will be devoted to the description of the numerous architectures 
available for both the client and the server side, some are using agents 
(joram), peer to peer (openjms), some provide qos, filtering (open jms) some 
provide several protocols, interresting call back mechanism (XmlBlaster) ... 
this list is not limitative and may include other features ...

the result is obvious : every mom is unique.
I just want to provide the reader with an overview of the existing solutions,

> If you connect multiple server-proccesses to this mom (i.e. xmlBlaster)
> they could exchange messages using the mom philosophies like
> publish/subscribe or probably better point-to-point.
> >From this point of view xmlBlaster might be a very good provider for a
> smart interserver communication.


> This however is already possible and no development on xmlBlaster-side
> would be neccessary.

Yep, I ve understood the philosophy of XmlBlaster that way. 

> But after all I'm not sure, if we talk about the same.

What I was speaking is the possiblity to run several instances of XmlBlaster,
one per physical node, so that the load is distributed. Since the documentation
speaks only of 'the xmlblaster' or 'the engine', it was not clear for me if
it was possible

> Hope it helps

Of course it does ! Thanks for these valuable information