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Re: [xmlblaster] Clustering XmlBlaster Servers ?

Steven Halerman (halermans at yahoo.com):

> I am sure many of the people on this list would love
> to see the results of your work (we would not grade
> it, and would be gentle) - if you could post a link to
> it that would be terrific.

I do not mind to post it, but look at my email adress ...
my report will be written in french and I'm not sure every one can read it
on the list ;)

BTW, it will be around 30 pages long, the architecture part will cover 15p 
and only introduce the concepts used, the introductory part will be on MOM 
vs other  middlewares, and MOM basic (pub/sub, queue, Ptp and some imagination)
I will not go into deep details 
- you cannot imagine how hard it is to find a REAL documentation, compared
to sites I have read, XmlBlaster has the perfect set of documentation, others
just don't have (or it is closed source and you just know they implement this
marvelous feature, without explaining how)
- I'm just required to provide an overview of the existing technologies in
about 25-35 pages and time is running up ...

if you think this can help, I can translate a portion of it, or at least write
a shorter version in english and provide the whole bibliography