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Re: [xmlblaster] Email Callback cont

Martin Johnson wrote:
Note that the email plugin has only demo
character, we need to specify the exact
email setup in a requirement.

Could you mail us what features you expect

from the email plugin, what do you want to do

Our attempts at notfication from remote process to end user span raw sockets, SNMP, Event Service, SMTP, HTTP etc, We have settled on SMTP to inform users of events within a distributed system as for the beneficial semantics of SMTP a user will tend to their email package moreover any custom means I devise. We otherwise use iiop for distributed process to process communication/notifications. If xmlBlaster enabled me to be able to send messages/notifications to a common interface, I dont have to think of it as CORBA to EMAIL rather it would be a bridge from IIOP to SMTP using XML datagrams. Great. I can subscribe users and recv them recv SMTP messages that originated in IIOP. This would offer great power and flexibility in my opinion. To have the messages go the other way would be an outstanding feature as well.

Very interesting. I believe xmlBlaster is the framework which solves your architechture perfectly.

Currently a company i'm consulting for is doing almost the same.
A SNMP gateway gathers all informations from agents and
business objects and transforms them to XML messages in xmlBlaster.
Now there are many interested parties subscribing to those messages
for example
 - business components (creating new business logic SNMP infos
                        or controlling their software)
 - a COCOON framework (to produce HTML, PDF and real time SVG in
                       a browser)
 - SNMP aware client GUIs (native software)
 - Administrators to be notified by email
 - An oracle database storing the history

I'm not familiar enough with the xmlBlaster code to offer an opinion of what features are needing over and above what is already offered and what I have mentioned above.

The email plugin would need some tuning, probably you would need to add this or that plugin to support specific protocols or filters, but the architecture is there to support your goal in a very generic way!


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