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Re: [xmlblaster] Reletively newbie help needed

Maurice Finbarr O'Brien wrote:
Hi all,
I'm having problems running the XMLBlaster demos
across our LAN, they work fine when run on the same
host.When i run the XMLBlaster server on one host eg
IP address with:

java -jar $XMLBLASTER_HOME/lib/xmlBlaster.jar

And on another host i run for example
the ClientSub demo with:

	java $XMLBLASTER_HOME/demo/javaclients/ClientSub
-iorHost -iorPort 7609

The client gives me the output:

$ java ClientSub -iorHost -iorPort
[28-Mar-2002 12:22:38 WARN  CorbaConnection-ClientSub]
XmlBlaster not found on host and port
7609. java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused


Is xmlBlaster running on a multi homed server (e.g. more than one ethernet card)?

Look at this output on xmlBlaster startup:

[...CorbaDriver] Published AuthServer IOR on

Is the IP correct? Otherwise force the IP you want with
-iorHost ...

Is a ping working fine on this IP from your client host?

You ClientSub parameters are fine, it should work
(i do this often, so it must be a configuration problem).

1. Can the command line arguments be an explicit IP address like i am using or must it be a hostname? Neither host are registered with our DNS so i can't refer to them by hostname,is this ok or not?

IP is OK.

2.Can anyone suggest any other reason which might be preventing the XMLBlaster server from accepting the connection, i have verified that the server is running and is listening on port 7609 and both hosts can ping the other.

hope it helps,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de