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Re: [xmlblaster] Rule Based Publishing

There are several rule-based systems out there. Another name is Production Rules or
Workflow. One written in java is JEOPS. I took a look at it and plan to do some
work with in the near future.


Heinrich Götzger wrote:


I'm planning to have a client connected to xmlBlaster which subscribes a
certain number of messages. This client is able to publish some other
messages. However the content of these published messages should be
dependent on the content of the subscribed messages.

I imagine a list of rules which get the subscribed messages as an input
and decide whether a certain message have to be published or not or a
message has to have a certain content.

This would be like a function: activity is dependent on the airTemperature
and waterTemperature.

for example:
activity(airTemperature, waterTemperature)
	if airTemperature > 30C
		if waterTemperature > 25C
			return "goSwimming"
			return "orderCoolBeer"
		return "orderHotChocolate"

But to be very flexible, I'd like to change the rules dynamically.
I.e. all of a sudden I don't like CoolBeer any longer and would prefer
CoolWhiteWine. Normally the process would be stopped, and a new one can be
started now. But I need to have a programmer, a compiler and so on. My
imagination is that the rule can be a message itself. And therefore can be
published and changed like every other message too.

How could I approach this requirement?
Could it be just another plugin?
How could the rules be interpreted?

Any suggestions, ideas or comments are very welcome.

Kind regards