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[xmlblaster] 答复: [xmlblaster] can the server remember the clients?

thank you , please notify me after this feature is added.

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发送时间: 2002年6月14日 16:24
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主题: Re: [xmlblaster] can the server remember the clients?

刘 文 wrote:

>Hi, all
>I know when the client login into the server, it gets a sessionid which is always different from the sessionid last time it got. So the server
>think this is a new client and send messages(the client maybe received before) to it.  
>I want client received the message once and only once, even if the client is restarted.How should I do?
>Is there any way that server remembers the client which is logout just and then login again?
>thanks for you help.
Hi Liuwen,

reconnect to the old session worked once but
got lost during session framework redesign.

We will add this feature again, hopefully next week.