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RE: [xmlblaster] Durable QoS performance

> I have made tests some month ago on a double 1.1 MHz server 
> having 1200 
> msgs/sec
> (none durable) with one publisher and 5 subscribers (all of them
> receiving the 1200 msg/sec). The publisher and subscribers
> where running on two other hosts.
> The xmlBlaster server had a CPU load of 40% with this scenario.
> (The publisher was adjusted to send 1200 msg/sec).

All in all, this doesn't sound too far off my non-durable tests. I'm using
10 publishers and 1 subscriber and I think the single subscriber acts as a
bottleneck. I've also noticed that you use JRockit, which I think is faster
than the standard Sun JVM. I also haven't tuned.

> Could you post your test code, so we can check why the CPU has
> nothing to do in you case?

Here 'tis.

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