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Re: [xmlblaster] Keys are never delivered to subscribers in updates?

Lord Bulbous wrote:


First of all, XMLBlaster rocks!

Second of all, it looks like the bodies of keys don't get delivered
to subscribers, regardless of the subscribeQOS. I have seen reference
to the fact that "<meta>" and "<content>" tags in the subscribeQOS are
not implemented yet. Does this mean that contents of the <key> just don't
ever get delivered on updates? Is there some other way for the receiver
to get the <key> contents ?

Specifically, I am subscribing like this:

<key oid='' queryType='XPATH'>

Then, from a separate client, I am publishing this:

<key oid="OID_MSEC_1025915075566"><ObservationKey><Pow/></ObservationKey></key>

What I see in the subscriber (using updateKey.toXML()) is this:

<key oid='OID_MSEC_1025915075566' contentMime='text/plain' contentMimeExtended=''>

Notice that we've lost the "<ObservationKey><Pow/></ObservationKey>" part.
Is there some way to avoid losing this?

updateKey.toString() delivers everything.

toXml() is not very intuitive, so i have changed it to return the same as toString() (in cvs).



I can post more details about my setup, if that's relevant.

Thanks for any help!