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Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with build C++ DLL on Windows2000

Hi Marcel,
Thank you very much for help. I was able to create Log.obj,xmlBlaster.obj,CompatibleCorba.obj,CorbaConnection.obj using .bat file, you sent to me. Now I should  link in into xmlBlasterClient.dll   . What the linker option I should use?  Can you send to me .bat file with link command?.


Marcel Ruff <ruff at swand.lake.de>
Sent by: owner-xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.org

08/01/2002 05:22 AM
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        Subject:        Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with build C++ DLL on Windows2000


nobody has ever tried the build.xml settings for Windows
and i'm shure it won't work (i'm talking about the C++
stuff, all Java runs fine on Windows).

There need to be somebody playing around with build.xml
on Windows C++ and contribute this.
Martin Johnson and you are the proud first victims :-)

To adjust build.xml to run with C++ Windows you need
to understand the "cpptasks" coded by Curt Arnold.

It is worth going the ant/cpptasks way as we have a common
build.xml to compile C++ on all platforms in future.
Other tools (like jam, configure, Makefile ...) all have cross platform
drawbacks - for us ant is the bright future even for C++.

On Windows i tried once and these settings seemed to be not too bad:

------------- Raw Windows invocations ------------------------------------
set CFLAGS=/c /nologo /D_WINDOWS /GX /GR /TP /MTd  /DMICO=1 /I.  
/IE:\mico\include /IE:\mico\include\windows /nologo /D_WINDOWS
      cl.exe %CFLAGS% /FoE:\xmlBlaster\build\obj\Log.obj
      cl.exe %CFLAGS% /FoE:\xmlBlaster\build\obj\xmlBlaster.obj
      cl.exe %CFLAGS% /FoE:\xmlBlaster\build\obj\CompatibleCorba.obj
      cl.exe %CFLAGS%  /IE:\xerces-c-src1_6_0\src

Something like the above commands needs to be generated by ant/build.xml
in future.


Heinrich Götzger wrote:

>I'm kinda helpless right now, provide more output please.
>What is the output of the command
>'build.bat -verbose cpp-lib'?
>On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Anna Lysenko wrote:
>>Hi Heinrich,
>>I tried to change to line 134 in $XMLBLASTER_HOME/build.xml (revision)
>><property name="compiler" value="gcc"/> to the value "VC6", "bcc"  and so on and it does not change anything.
>>Ant still try to use gcc compile.  I don't know ant very well, but at
>>$XMLBLASTER_HOME/build.xml task for compile look like:
>>     <cc debug="true" link="shared"
>>         outfile="${lib.dir}/xmlBlasterClient" objdir="${build.dir}/obj"
>>         multithreaded="true" exceptions="true">
>>        <compiler refid="msvc"/>
>>        <compiler refid="gcc"/>
>>        <compiler refid="bcc"/>
>>        <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" includes="*.cpp"/>
>>        <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/util" includes="*.cpp" />
>>        <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/client" includes="*.cpp" />
>>        <includepath location="${src.cpp.dir}" />
>>        <!-- sysincludepath location="${STL_HOME}/stlport" /-->
>>        <sysincludepath location="${CORBACPP_HOME}/include" />
>>        <sysincludepath location="${CORBACPP_HOME}/include/windows" if="windows" /> <!-- necessary for mico on win32 -->
>>        <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/src" if="windows" />               <!-- xerces win32 -->
>>        <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/include" />           <!-- xerces 1.6.0 -->
>>        <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/include/xercesc" />   <!-- Since xerces 1.7.0 -->
>>        <defineset>
>>           <define name="MICO" value="1" />
>>           <!-- undefine name="UNWANTEDDEF" / -->
>>        </defineset>
>>     </cc>
>>where cc - is custom task, define as nt.sf.antcontrib.apptasks.CCTask.class
>>I did not found the place, where name and property of compiler defined according with OS .
>I didn't either yet. ;-)
>>And I don't know anything about all these java packages
>>nt.sf.antcontrib.apptasks.*, that are used in ant script. Is that also
>>open source, who wrote this?
>I assume it is OS. It comes somewhere from ant contrib.
>>I really need to make it work at Windows, so might you have .bat file for windows, or documentation or something else?
>I try to help as good as I can, but due to a lack of Windows I'm not able
>to test here. Probably there other gauys around who can assist.