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AW: [xmlblaster] Persistence HTTP Connection from browser

Hi Raj,

the ping function is called by an special server thread
which catches the HttpServletResponse (which holds the HTTP connection).

The server thread send javascript code embedded in small HTML page.
this HTML page is sent every x seconds.


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> Betreff: [xmlblaster] Persistence HTTP Connection from browser
> Hi,
> I am eveluating persistence http framework to inculde
> in my project. I am trying to create the persistence
> from the xul with XMLHttpRequest object.
> while looking into the javascript code, I found there
> is a ping function in the callback.js file. This
> function is supposed to be called by the callBack
> frame. Initially the callBack frame holds the
> loginCB.html and later on replaced with a servlet
> request for login. 
> I have serched the code and did not find how the ping
> function is called from the callback frame. I know the
> ping is called but cant trace out how it is. 
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Raj Saini
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