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Re: [xmlblaster] XML parser

Peter Antman wrote:

On 17 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:

I totaly agree, I will start the factory path tough. Testing is so

As you mention testing:

Currently all test in xmlBlaster are fully automatic (junit see build.xml)
Even the cluster support is tested automatically with junit.
After my experience nothing will be tested if manual interaction is required.

I fylly agree, but...

Do you think this can be done with your message driven beans as well?

...the current focus is on the JCA ra and embedding the server. The MDB is just a showcase. Non of these can be tested without JBoss, which would basically requires us to embed JBoss in XmlBlaster: a pretty timeconsuming task.

Ok, but assuming one has installed JBoss, all the rest could be automatic?
Adding the deployment xml stuff, starting jboss etc, start xmlBlaster,
run the test cases ...